Consulting Portfolio

We have had the pleasure to work with some GREAT Clients!

Consulting projects are usually taken on when a current client ends up with a problem and not sure whom to call!  But those are not our only consulting clients!

Heartland Internet Solutions specializes in websites, but some of our “other” knowledge does come in handy for clients and non-clients, when it comes to Facebook, Google Ad’s, reading your Analytics Reports, Digital Marketing and other items.

We have offered WordPress support, support to those who are wondering why they aren’t found in Search Engines and they haven’t been able to either get ahold of their website person themselves, or didn’t feel the answer they did get was understandable and we’ve even consulted clients on where to go and what product to use for the e-commerce site.

Some of those that we have done “consulting” work for are listed here, but many are not.  Just let us know if you have a question about anything that is Website related and we will let you know if we can help!