Yankton Trailers

Yankton, South Dakota

Upgraded Inventory Management system & new reponsive layout with SSL!

Originally for Yankton Trailers we built a html based custom inventory management system which allowed their inventory to be displayed online and also provided reports such as sales reports.

In 2020, we did an overhaul of the website to bring it up to mobile responsive and setup the new structures needed for the search engines that have evolved over the years.

When Chuck first was opening Yankton Trailers, he contacted me for consulting on the naming of his business. The name he had originally choose was Trademarked for another company. Heartland Internet Solutions helped him realize that because we dug until we could advise him what to use.

Along with Yankton Trailer’s main domain, we also purchased YanktonTrailer.com so that if anyone was typing in the URL, and missed the “s”, they would still find it! Then we set him up in Gmail using their old “free” system for domain names and got him free emails that are professional.

We still provide specialized reports and inventory management for Chuck based on current needs. Ongoing Consulting work for Chuck is always a pleasure. Thanks Chuck for choosing Heartland Internet Solutions!

Products used:  Website Package, Email, Consulting, Additional Domain Names
Client since:  2011


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