Celebrating Community Project

Sioux City, Iowa

Responsive website designed to provide information on their Honorees & keep it within a cost point that works for them.

Celebrating Community Project came to Heartland Internet Solutions after a bad experience with another Web Designer.  After trying to get a website up and running and not getting a response, the board was very leary of trusting anyone else.  Heartland Internet Solutions was able to ease their concerns and assure them that we would be able to do what they needed and be responsive to them.

Heartland Internet Solutions then took the website and was able to incorporate all their needs and more.  The site uses video integration to talk about the project, a Donate Now button integrated with PayPal, QR code structure setup and integrated with the site so that each Bronze Bust could have its own plaque with a QR code that directed users to a video that was created by Heartland Internet Solutions as a solution for an audio version of their Honorees bios.  All of this was done at a cost that the Non-Profit could handle because Heartland was responsive to their needs to keep costs reasonable!

Thank you to the Board of Celebrating Community Project for allowing Heartland Internet Solutions the honor to work on such a great project!

Products used:  Website Package & Consulting
Client since:  2014

Celebrating Community Project Website

Make sure the Honorees are easily found and make sense…

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